Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Bounce

Today's post features a crisp house track by Kinky Movement called "The Bounce" in the Moshun remix (FYI Moshun is also part of the Kinky Movement collective). The track is available for free in celebration of Moshun reaching 55k plays on Soundcloud and from MYWLT is here a celebratory "Congratulations" to Moshun/Kinky Movement/Onsei for producing such great house and electronic tunes. Check out the track below, click play and don't forget to pick up that free download :)

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Real Love

Today's first track is a find by Annie Mac of BBC. It's Christian Rich with "Real Love" and as the title suggest this is some sweet loaaave making music. It's downtempo, it has disco vibes and it's a free download. Enjoy this piece and grab your own copy below:

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Next up is Jackie with a brand new track called "Doubts". If you're diggin' deep house this is for you. The track feel hypnotic and the bass is absolutely outstanding. Get lost with this track and make sure to pick up a free download below:

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And if you thought this was it, you're wrong. Time for a remix and this time it's a remix of Fergie's "Glamorous" by Matt DiMona, providing you with some tropicalicious vibes to remind us all that summer is coming to an end. Get your last ticket to summer resort on via the link below (free download) and enjoy!

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Next up is another remix. It's Invoker who decided to remix Jill Scott's track "It's Love". If the track didn't give you enough love already, be prepared, because not it will. Invoker has perfected "It's Love" by giving it a sweet and delicious house vibe that it deserved. Just like the tracks above, this is available as a free download, side-chain compression included and all over on Facebook (link below):

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And finally...do you remember Steve James' remix of Faded by ZHU? No?!?! Ok...then go get it immediately, because now it's been officially released by Spinnin' Records! Buy your own copy on BEATPORT

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

2 On House

The U.S. based collective Bring The Noise is out and about with their latest remix, which is a house version of Tinashe's "2 On". Just like Belanger's remix of "2 On", it shows how suitable the track is for house and club music and it also explains why this track has already been remixes numerous times within that genre. Hit play and grab your free download via Facebook (link below):

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Saturday, August 30, 2014


Today's one and only is called "Silk" by Louis Futon in the Kill Paris remix. Is it a bird, is it a plane, or is it a mixture of dubstep, trap, house, chill-step, beatstrumental...who knows! Nevertheless this awesome remix is crisp as a potato chip, so hit play and pick up your free download below!

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Friday, August 29, 2014


If you were to count the number of remixes that are available of Disclosure's track "Latch" you would probably still be counting...and MYWLT has been literally bombarded with "Latch" remixes from near and far. So if anyone is tired of hearing "Latch" again, it's totally rational and OK!....BUT, let's give the track one last HURRAAAH with Ken Loi's AWESOEPIC (new word, add it to your dictionary) remix of Disclosure's hit. Pick up your own free copy via Facebook, link below:

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