Saturday, April 30, 2016

Can't Get To You

Danish producer and DJ duo Too Many Left Hands have released a new single called "Can't Get To You" feat. Layth. Apart from having catchy lyrics and a dope vocal, the instrumental is nicely balanced. The "drop" has a lush whoop style pluck sound that's simple, yet effective. This, together with the combination of acoustic instrumental make this a really refreshing track. "Can't Get To You" is out now and you can stream or download via the link below. 

Stream/Download HERE
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Just in case you're totally is Saturday after all. So what would be more appropriate than having a listen to Michael Gray's legendary track "The Weekend"?! Yes, you're right! This re-cooked up version by German producer and DJ Erick Decks!!! It's always a tricky undertaking to remix a classic, but when it's done right the result is absolutely fantastic and provides you with a great chance to re-discover a track from back in the day. Erick Decks' version is even available as a free download, so go have yourself a party!

Also, this isn't the only track Erick Decks has reworked. Check out his Soundcloud profile via the link below for more!

Download HERE
More reworks by Erick Decks via SOUNDCLOUD
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Friday, April 29, 2016

Up To You

Ah....whoop whoop, it's Friday and you've come here to find some great new music, I hope?! Ok, so today's first track comes from San Francisco based producer Andrew Luce & Honolulu based Graves and is called "Up To You" feat. Chelsea Cutler. This is a track that packs a great melody and hits you right in the feels at the same time. The catchy vocal rhythm melody on the drop is nice and easy going making this the perfect track to start your weekend. 

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Up next is a track by Danish producer Sekuoia called "Someone's Problem". This very chill out deep house track has a delightful soft sound profile and the groove is so catchy it's going to make you want more. The vocal snippets add some nice texture onto the track as well, making this another great track for you to chill out to. 

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If the two tracks above didn't have enough oomph for you, then fear not. This last track will get you up from your seat. Justin Caruso has remixed The Chainsmokers & Tritonal's "Until You Were Gone" and turned it into melodic track awesomeness. With a earworm worthy melody, on point amount of energy and Emily Warren's sweet vocal, this pretty much has it all. There's even a free download for you to pick up via the link below.

Download HERE
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Thursday, April 28, 2016


Today's first track comes from US based artist Brandyn Burnette, who has teamed up with Win & Woo for this release called "Underneath". It's a chill and deep sounding indie/soul electronica track, which makes it perfect as an easy listening track. Apart from Bradyn's stellar vocal, the instrumental is pretty sweet too. Particular the chorus' background effects are super cool. They are subtle, but they make this track just that much extra awesome. Listen to "Underneath" below and/or pick up a copy via Itunes. 

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Up next is a new release by NYC based duo Solidisco. They've taken Drake's "One Dance" and covered it with a vocal from Gayatri Nair and given it a fresh summer feelin' disco vibe that's going to make your ice cream melt. Also, there's no need to keep it at just one dance for this one...replay and you can dance to this again and again ;-)

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Clearest Blue

Gryffin who's been hitting with his single "Heading Home" returns with a cool remix for CHVRCHES' "Clearest Blue". With his signature guitar sound and pad work, you get a remix that screams "THIS IS A GRYFFIN PRODUCTION". If you have been listening to his music from day one you're not in doubt. This recipe works and it sounds awesome and together with the vocal from CHVRCHES we have a winner! Gryffin is giving away some signed copies of CHVRCHES remix EP, so check his Facebook profile if you want to enter. 

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Up next is a track by two of my favourite house producers. JackLNDN has teamed up with Fabich and they have created a genuine house cracker called "Without You". Their skill and sense to create a catchy bass line should result in a gold medal. Make sure to hit play and check out the link below for alternative streaming options. Enjoy :)

Stream/Download HERE
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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Lake Arrowhead

Swiss based producer and DJ Nora En Pure released her latest EP yesterday called Lake Arrowhead. The EP contains 3 tracks in total, one of which is the track below titled "Lake Arrowhead". With some blissful melodic elements and a cracking bass line, Nora En Pure finds a great balance between chill out and house music. The combination is part of her signature sound, making this track a great introduction to her music if you aren't already familiar with it. You can listen to "Lake Arrowhead" below or buy the entire EP via Beatport (see link).

Get Lake Arrowhead by Nora En Pure on BEATPORT
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Movin' on to another fresh EP, here's Simon Shackleton with Piece of Me. The original version of "Piece Of Me", which you can stream below has a delightful electro arp sound that's both clubby and funky at the same time. Together with the vocal effects this track gets a cool oldschool Daft Punk-ish vibe that's absolutely worth a listen. Check it out below:

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