Monday, July 25, 2016

The Coast

Let's start out a new week, with a bit of hip hop electronica. You might not have heard of Coolwater Set, but if I tell you that it's Far East Movement and Oslo based Autolaser it should already get you super excited. For this single called "The Coast" they've teamed up with none other than RAC and also featuring Jvzel on vocal. With a beautiful and classy sounding west coast hip hop vibe, they manage to combine what I appreciate about 90s hip hop and more modern hip hop styles, in the most ideal way possible. It's really one of those tracks that makes you want to get in a car late at night and cruise, watching city lights and chill. To me, it also sounds like it should be in a movie, as it's very theatrical.

With a track like this, hopefully we'll be hearing much more from Coolwater Set in the future. "The Coast" is out now and available as a free download via the link below. 

Download HERE
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If you came to the blog to find a proper house tune, fear not, I got you covered. Italian producer USAI has crafted this single called "Rhumba" and to me this is one of the best core instrumental house tunes I have heard all year. That's a bold statement, I know, but there's something about this track that makes it sound absolutely legendary. Although rumba is a dance from Cuba, I would not be surprised to hear this tune play at the Rio Olympics. With latin cues this awesome and a perfect summer release timing, you just have to play this tune everywhere you can. "Rhumba" is out now and available via Beatport (see link below).

Get "Rhumba" by USAI via BEATPORT
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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Want You Need You

Today's first track is called "Want You Need You" by Toronto based Margeaux. With her sweet and soulful vocal and Kaytranada inspired instrumental, this track is an instant win. It's a track that does very well, combining multiple genres. It's a proper genre soup really, but what damn delicious soup it is! With this excellent release, I am hoping to hear much more from Margeaux in the near future. Give "Want You Need You" a proper listen right here and make sure to follow Margeaux on social media via the links below.

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Up next is a big new release from Pierce Fulton. This is the first EP release from Pierce since 2011 and while that is special in itself, it also marks a new direction music wise for the U.S. producer. This new EP is called Borrowed Lives and features a total of 4 tracks. I've previously shown off the first single called "Make Me Blue", but in fairness it's the entire EP that needs your uninterrupted attention. Two more singles from the EP are featured below and I'll just leave them here for you to enjoy. You can stream/download the entire EP via most major platforms. 

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Saturday, July 23, 2016


Once in a while you have to allow yourself a bonus track, so here's Ellie Goulding's "Army" in the Justin Caruso remix. The L.A. based producer has gone to town on this track, adding his signature sound and vibe, turning "Army" into a melodic clubby trap track. I really like that you can still feel some of the vibe from the original version, but then comes that excellent drop that just makes "Army" 110% extra awesome. Hearing this together with Ellie's unique vocal is a perfect match and thus it sounds really natural and like it was always meant to be this way. Make sure to hit that play button below and give it a spin!

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Jorts FTW

Jorts is the new black, if you ask U.S. DJ Kaskade, who's been celebrating his passion for this jeans/shorts hybrid...not that I know what he's talking about?! Either way it has resulted in a collab with Too Many Zooz and a track that's rather different for Kaskade. No female vocalist, no smooth house beat...instead a grande tribal instrumental has seen the light of day. It does perhaps take a few listens to appreciate the genius behind this track, but once you start to feel the energy and rhythm of this track, along with its thundering horns, you know that it's something special.  Hit play below or check out all major platforms to grab a copy of "Jorts FTW". 

Get/Stream "Jorts FTW" by Kaskade feat. Too Many Zooz by clicking HERE

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Up next is a new remix by the amazing Fare Soldi for Godblesscomputers' "Sprits". Having stayed true to the main theme of the original mix, Fare Soldi add their amazing characteristic disco vibe in a way that's insanely catchy and also a tad hypnotising. The positive and upbeat vibe makes this a perfect summer track and one you can enjoy at the club, as well as at the beach. Give it a spin below :)

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Between Dreams

The last few days have been filled with soulful music on the blog, but now I'd like to takes things to a more clubby level with this release by Eagle I Stallian called "Between Dreams" feat. Brandon Mignacca. With a synth Deadmau5/Kaskade/Adam K & Soha inspired synth stab this track gets a somewhat retro house vibe, but that's also what I really like about it. Combined with some sweet piano chords and a nice vocal, the track is made for the early morning dance floor. "Between Dreams" is out now via EIS Recordings and available via Itunes or Beatport (see links below).

Get "Between Dreams" by Eagle I Stallian via ITUNES / BEATPORT
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Up next is a track by Brandyn Burnette called "Closer". This isn't your regular version of "Closer" though, this is a remix by Sean Turk. Combining the original vocal with these late night style synths and the amazing horn sound on the drop, makes this track a proper earworm. The trap style beat also provides "Closer" with just the right amount of energy, as you'll hear as soon as you press that play button. As a Friday bonus, you can even pick up this remix as a free download. Just check out the link below:

Download HERE // Stream via SPOTIFY
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