Monday, November 30, 2015

Intercontinental Funk

Invoker has had his share of bad luck. I originally planned to feature an amazing remix he did, but in a turn of events the vocalist on the original track (who approved of the remix) suddenly didn't approve of the remix anymore and filed a copyright claim against Invoker. Good thing Invoker still kept his cool and decided to release a new track together with Julia Lewis called "Intercontinental Funk". As the title suggests, this is indeed a funky track, but it also has a distinct downtempo chillout vibe to it. There's no release date available for this track yet, but as always you can stream the track all you want right here:

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L.A. based producer Salda has remixed Emelie Haynie's track "Come Find Me" feat. Lykke Li & Romy and created a lush, atmospheric and tropical sound to go along with the amazing vocal of the original track. It's a proper feel good house tune, perfect for easy listening. Grab a free download via the link below. Enjoy :)

Download HERE
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Sunday, November 29, 2015


German wunderkind Fabich is back with a fresh remix for SAINT WKND feat. INGLSH's "Lost". With a snappin' house beat and a fresh sounding bass melody, this remix goes of like sting. The beautiful vocal is incorporated nicely which results in the emotions of the original being transfered into this clubbier version. This might not only be one of my favourite remixes from Fabich so far, it's also one of the best remixes I have come across during the entire year. "Lost" (Fabich Remix) is out now as part of the official remix package, which also features remixes by Jetique, Elènne, Made in Paris and Matroda.

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Producer Adieu is responsible for this next track, which is a remix of Jay Z feat. Justin Timberlake's "Holy Grail". With a majestic trap like orchestral horn drop this version has a lot of punch and power. Adieu's version still has a powerful hip hop vibe, yet the electronic elements make it sound like a crossover between Louis The Child and Louis Futon. Give it a listen yourself and make sure to pick up a free download via the link below:

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Conversations In The A.M.

Shoffy, who has treated us all with amazing tracks and remixes such as "Lonely Up Here" and "Eat Your Friends" has now released a new EP called "Conversations In The A.M.". The EP contains 6 tracks and each of those tracks are great examples of the different styles and sounds Shoffy can do extremely well. There's tracks like "Takes My Body Higher" which is more upbeat and then there are tracks like "Ride" or even "Wild" (see below) which are more easy going. All tracks are however great for easy listening and "Conversations In The A.M." is out now, so make sure to get yourself an early Christmas present and grab yourself a copy of the EP. You can grab each individual track for free via Soundcloud, or you can choose to support Shoffy by picking up his EP via Itunes (it's more convenient too :D)

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Sydney based producer Commandeur is responsible for the next track called "With Me". As you'll hear this is a piece of ambient electro/indie with atmospheric vibes. The vocal on this track adds to the relaxing vibe of this track. "With Me" is available as a free download, so take a deep breath, close your eyes, put on your favourite set of headphones and enjoy :)

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Friday, November 27, 2015


Paris based DJ and producer Arno Cost has released a fine freebie called "Return". It's a track that came to live through his experience with his "When In Paris" concept, encapsulating an energetic and pulsating sound. It also marks a new direction for Arno Cost, making this track a showcase for where his sound is going next. So make sure to hit play and pick up a free download right here below:

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Thursday, November 26, 2015


Today's first track is Drake's "Hotline Bling" in a buttery smooth version by Papermind, using the cover by Conor Maynard. All the silliness that surrounds the original mix (or maybe it's just the music video) is destroyed. Drake's "Hotline Bling" just got super classy and good sounding and this remix really shows what could have been. This remix/cover really adds the Bling back to the Hotline! Enjoy :)

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Up next is a track called "Drift" by SevnthWonder feat. Capsun. The atmospheric vibe creates a very relaxing vibe, making this track perfect for easy listening. So let your mind "Drift" off and enjoy this piece of brilliancy! It's even available as a free download, so go grab a copy via the link below:

Download HERE
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