Thursday, December 1, 2016

Don't Manipulate

"Don't Manipulate" is the title of the latest single by U.S. based producer Almand. For this track he has teamed up with PG-13 and created a fresh, playful and catchy sounding club track that instantly puts you into a good mood. It's not a very challenging track to enjoy and the vibe quickly manages to make you autonomously nod back and forth to the rhythm. The vocal is also perfectly on point, but what I perhaps like the most is that awesome alternative intro. Give it a spin yourself below, grab a free download or check out the Spotify stream if that's your thing. Enjoy!

Download HERE / Stream via SPOTIFY

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Up next is a brand new single from London based producer Dillistone. The track is called "Sober" and features Yellow (formerly known as AOSOON). The vocal and the instrumental speak the exact same language in my opinion and compliment each other beautifully. In short, this track is a superb earworm, waiting for you to smash the play button or pick up a copy via the link below.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Let's start out with a new remix from Win & Woo. The Chicago based producer and DJ duo have taken on Cosmos & Creature's "Young" and turned it into a clubbier and more energetic version, while keeping some of the best elements from the original. Back when I was young the music didn't sound like this. It was pretty much dominated by Max Martin and a few lucky breaks. Thank god for diversity :D 

Sentimental story aside, Win and Woo's remix is out now and available for streaming right here below or via Spotify if that's your poison. Give it a spin below and enjoy!

Stream "Young" (Win & Woo Remix) on SPOTIFY
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For the producers reading the blog it's not a surprise that Boombox Cartel & QUIX are running a remix competition over on Splice. That has also meant that I've been bombarded with remix submissions for this track. One that stood out to me though is this one remixed by Datsun & Shihkunin. Their version takes the track into a melodic future and trap inspired direction which I think works insanely well. The melody is on point and the track has literally created a ghosting effect on my brain. It's catchy, it sounds dope and the remix is available as a free download. What more do you want? :)

Download HERE
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Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Today's first track comes from LA based producer Kauf and it's called "Pacify". The track is part of his forthcoming debut EP going by the name "Regrowth", which is set for release early 2017. "Pacify" will be the opening track on that EP and what an opening it is. With a super cool atmospheric vibe and a haunting vocal, this track is giving me goosebumps (but in the best possible way). I particularly love the wobbly lead synth in the verses and how it adds texture and gives the track a fresh and dynamic sound. "Pacify" is out now as a single release and you can pick up a copy via Bandcamp (see link below).

Get "Pacify" by Kauf on BANDCAMP
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Up next is a remix by Steve James. For a while the US producer has kept quiet with new releases, but how can you blame him when he's out busy touring. Actually I even missed his remix for Matthew Koma's "Kisses Back", which you can listen to here in case you haven't heard it yet:

Rather I would like to focus a bit on his latest release, a remix he did together with Joe Mason of his own track "In My Head". The vocal chop remains, but the vibe has changed and turned the track into a subtle electro/indie piece which suits the original vocal incredibly well. I can't decide with version I like the best. Both are amazing, but this new remix certainly feels like a breath of fresh air, giving "In My Head" some much deserved attention again. Give it a spin and grab a free download via the link below:

Download HERE
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Monday, November 28, 2016

Novo Vida

Ah, it feels good to be back with a stable internet connection. Maybe you noticed that there weren't any new posts since Thursday...now you know why :)

Let's start out with something super exciting from U.S. based Allen French. He has recently released an EP called Novo Mundo, featuring a total of 3 tracks. The style and genre is quite different from what you will usually find on MYWLT, however there's something that caught my attention on the title track "Novo Vida". Maybe you can guess what it is? Of course it's the bassline :D Bassline aside though, the track combines some really interesting elements from Bossa Nova and combines it with electronic music in a fantastically subtle, but absolutely on point way. 

Give "Novo Vida" a spin and check out the remaining EP via the link below. Enjoy!

Get/Stream "Novo Mundo" EP by clicking HERE
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Up next is a soulful remix of Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" by Andy Caldwell. The LA based producer has turned this track into a deep house-ish groovy lounge track, with a crisp beat and fresh vibe. Messing with classics is difficult, but Andy Caldwell has nailed this one in my opinion and brought "What's Going On" back into the 21st century and back into the clubs. Hit play below and enjoy!

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Right Time

The dude in the picture above is responsible for today's first track called "Right Away". Maybe you recognise him, but if you don't this is the one and only Montreal based producer going by the name of Robotaki. Some of his most well known work includes the remix he did for Daft Punk's "Derezzed", which is absolutely legendary. Now Robotaki is back with this new single and it's as awesome as you would expect. I also really like the vocalist he has found for this track, giving the track a nice balance overall. The slightly bouncy beat and the dreamy melody makes you forget place and time for a while, when listening to this, but you'll wake up again from your sweet dream when the energetic, yet melodic chorus hits. Give "Right Away" a spin and check out the link below for download and alternative streaming options. 

Download/Stream "Right Time" by Robotaki feat. Ari by clicking HERE
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Up next is a track you might already know called "Plans" by Elephante feat. Brandyn Burnette, but this is the acoustic version. Yep, no pounding bass, not big drop, no swoosh and booms and crashes...just focus on the vocal and classic instruments like piano and guitar. Respect to Elephante and Brandyn Burnette for doing this and showing how electronic music can move beyond the genre and without a computer. Give it a good listen below and enjoy!

Download HERE or click HERE for alternative stream.

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