Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Echo (Let Go)

You know his music, but maybe you're still clueless about his identity. However, since the release of the the first pics in January we know that Sean Turk isn't a unicorn or magical hamster or whatever. Nope, he's a bloke from NYC and he makes some seriously tasty tunes. His latest work is this remix for Breathe Carolina x IZII's "Echo (Let Go)", where he's adding his characteristic bedroom bass vibe, along with some classy indie and trap elements. The end result is everything Sean Turk stands for. It's a remix that perfectly captures his winning formula and unique sound design.

Give his remix for "Echo (Let Go)" a spin here or check out the link below for alternative streams.

Get/Stream "Echo (Let Go)" (Sean Turk Remix) HERE
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Eyes On You

U.S. based producer Figgy has released a new single called "Eyes On You" feat. Angelica Bess. Staying true to his genre (disco), this track delivers thanks to a nice upbeat instrumental and a perfectly on-point vocal performance. In some parts, "Eyes On You" even takes on a more old-school approach to the disco vibe, however it's still incredibly dancefloor friendly and will put a smile on your face. Figgy's new single is out now and available via most major music platforms.

Get/Stream "Eyes On You" by clicking HERE
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Monday, February 20, 2017


Hollywood Principle's track "Firework" has been remixed in every possible direction since it was made available via a remix competition late last year. German producer inHarmony also got his hands on the stems and decided to turn up the funk/disco elements up to 11, making use of the original mix's amazing bass line. While it might not be the most radical remix out there, it sounds dope and it's certainly well executed. Give it a spin and make sure to grab a free download of this remix via the link below. Enjoy!

Download HERE
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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Wait For You


New Zealand based brothers Rory & Taine aka Karmadella are the ones responsible for this amazing release called "Wait For You" feat. Connor Mac. I love how they've combined elements of indie & pop during the verses, however then the instrumental shifts to future bass for the drop/chorus. This creates an on point balance between energy and chillout that I find very appealing and which makes their sound design pretty unique. 

"Wait For You"  is the duo's debut single and thus I hope we'll be hearing much more to them in the future. For now, you can stream this earworm right here, via Spotify, or grab a copy via Itunes (see link below). Enjoy!

Get/Stream "Wait For You" via ITUNES/SPOTIFY
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Friday, February 17, 2017

Bibi The Dog

When Fabich drops a new's a no-brainer really. The Munich based producer has found his formula when it comes to creating catchy house tunes. His take on M83's "Bibi The Dog" is just a manifestation of his genius. There's not a lot left of the original vibe, however the parts that Fabich has used really get to shine in this upbeat version. I can't think of a better track to feature on a Friday, so do yourself a favour and take this one with you into the weekend. Fabich's remix is part of the official remix pack for M83's "Go!" EP, which is out now on most major music platforms (see link below).

Get "Go!" Remixes by clicking HERE
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