Saturday, April 29, 2017

Empty Room

To kick off the summer, Win and Woo have released a suitable new remix for Big Wild's "Empty Room" feat. Yuna. The Chicago based duo have added a festival worthy amount of energy to the track, powering things with a dope, wobbly bass line. The vocal is also magnificently chopped to pieces for added excitement, but still gets enough room during the verses to really shine. Sound wise, the style feels like a departure from the duo's regular, but that also makes it nice and refreshing. As this is an official remix, the track is available now via most major platforms. See the link below to find your favourite listening channel. Enjoy!

Get/Stream "Empty Room" (Win & Woo Remix) by clicking HERE
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Friday, April 28, 2017

Bad and Boujee

If you're into hip hop you might have come across Migos' "Bad and Boujee", but as a special Friday treat, here's DRKTMS' remix which I'm sure you haven't heard yet. With the new instrumental, the young Swiss producer has made this sound like a light house/lounge track. Combined with the original vocal though, the track gets an edge which makes it superb for easy listening. It's also a great alternative to the original mix, if you're not into the heavier beats. Give it a spin and make sure to pick up a free download via the link below.

Download HERE
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Thursday, April 27, 2017


After dropping their EP Out Of Love, LA based duo Two Friends return with a new single called "Emily" feat. James Delaney. The vibe on this track is a fun loving mix of their childhood heroes Blink 182 and their own unique sound design. Particularly the verses carry a rockier note, also thanks to James Delaney's dope vocal performance. This in turn is balanced out with an energetic and club friendly chorus, perfect for both club and radio. 

"Emily" is out now via Armada Trice and you can pick it up or stream it via most major platforms. Enjoy!

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Can't Stand Still

Toronto based producer has taken on AlphaCub's "Can't Stand Still" and turned it into a sweet, light, radio friendly club track. The remix has a delightful feel good vibe which makes it excellent for easy listening, with a melody that is easy to hum along to. 10Digits own sound design works great with this track and I love how he's incorporated the original vocal into his remix. Give his version a spin below or listen via Spotify. Enjoy!

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While listening to Amtrac's new EP True Value in full, I discovered this track called "Escalator", which I am really feeling at the moment. I love the deep vibes on this track, which mainly comes to me from an amazingly hypnotising bass and piano line. After the break, the track brightens up a bit, however the theme is still incredibly captivating and reminds me why it is I love Amtrac's sound design so much. 

The True Value EP is out now and available via most major platforms. Enjoy!

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